So Long World! Hello Christians!

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Because my time is short. Getting people to the foot of the cross is all I want to do. That is what I was born to do. Hearing the word is imperative to making a decision for Jesus.

How can every knee bow if the word is hidden from them?

One preacher says that is when we get on the other side, sad seems he’s not even a team player and he says “I don’t try”.

He was very disappointed that I wanted to present the word while he wanted to play the god who keeps the word away from the lost. 

Well, why are those who side with ROME so spirit-filled while I am not????

No one hides the word better than the Priesthood and the blind who align themselves with them.

It’s like a transmitted disease,  you expect that when you sleep with a harlot where is the discernment?

Jesus did it all at the cross EVEN ending the purpose HE created the Priesthood for HE is the FINAL sacrifice.

Nehemiah read the word and Israel had a revival.  

CRU has a wonderful PDF file on Revival and Nehemiah 8
get a copy here.

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